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Yesterday, 3/12/15, I wanted to buy the Olympus TG-3 camera and searched online for best price. Most of stores sell it for $349, so when I saw sells it for $324, I was interested.

When I went to their website, I saw that they are offering 5% off thus, I purchased the camera. After purchased, there was a survey from shopper inquiring about my purchase. Because of the low price and ease of checking out, I did not hesitate to give it 5/5 stars. But I did not expect what happened next.

This morning, 3/13/15, I received a phone message that there is some question about my billing information. I thought this was very strange as I am a frequent online shopper and never have issue with this before. I called back the number with the extension. When I could not reach the person with the extension, I did not want to leave a message, thus, called back and requested to speak with a customer representative.

I was transferred to a manager, and I was very shocked at how rude this manager was. I asked him what was the problem with my billing information, and he curtly said that this has resolved, and quickly asked me if I want to purchase a 2 hours or 6 hours battery. I was confused, asking him why did he ask that, and instead of answering me, he repeated his question of which battery I want to buy. When I told him I'm confused of why is he asking me that.

He started to grunt and sigh. I then said, that if this is the way customers get treated, then I would like to cancel my order. He immediately said, fine, and gave me my cancellation number and hung up.

This was my first experience with this company and I cannot believe how bad their customer service is.

I wish I didn't gave them the 5 stars rating yesterday because I don't want anyone to read my comment yesterday and purchase at this company.

This is the reason I'm writing this review today.

Madeleine, Spokane WA

Product or Service Mentioned: Olympus Stylus Tg-3 Photo Camera.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Poor customer service, False advertising of final cost, Their poor customer service.


Vernon, Connecticut, United States #962124

Thank you for your detailed information on this Co. I am a huge "window shopper" who needs to save my money (I'm unemployed!) and I was suspicious about this "nice price" everyone has mentioned.

I guess it IS a scam. Sincerely Thanks Again...!

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